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Complete the following information to submit our traveler application online.

IMPORTANT: Please provide the traveler's full, legal name as shown on their passport, driver's license or birth certificate in order to purchase an airline ticket. Airline name change fees may result if the name provided on the application does not match the traveler's passport, driver's license or birth certificate. If traveling internationally, their passport MUST be valid for at least 6 months after the trip return date.

If you have any questions, please be sure to check with your group leader regarding policies, fees, and trip cancellation insurance.


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Type the First Name, Middle Name (if any) and Last Name exactly as they appear on the traveler applicant's passport, birth certificate or drivers license. Failure to provide the Full Legal Name may result in airline name change fees. Joshua Expeditions is not responsible if the name provided on this application does not match the passport, birth certificate or driver's license.

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Primary Daytime Phone: to be used only for contact regarding your trip, payment receipts, and billing questions

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Release Information

REQUIRED: In order to to complete this Application you must read our Important Payment and Trip Policies.
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Online invoices are updated in as timely a manner as possible. Under normal circumstances, updates should be reflected 5-7 business days after receipt by Joshua Expeditions. Thanks for your patience! This statement is offered as a courtesy by Joshua Expeditions, and may not reflect all incurred charges or received payments. *It is not guaranteed to accurately depict current school or individual account data.*

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