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This Expedition Form is for Group Leaders.
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Group Leaders, complete this form to register your Expedition. Upon receipt of your application, we will forward you a Destination Packet that will include your payment schedule, preliminary itinerary, traveler handouts, trip cancellation insurance information and other helpful information. Please be sure to carefully read, sign and return a copy of the “Group Leader Payment Schedule”.


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Create your destination list - list no more than 4 major destination(s).

If your destination(s) is within the United States, please list ONLY the main city or state for which you are traveling.
-i.e. Travel to Washington D.C. and Williamsburg would be listed as WASHINGTON D.C.

If your destination(s) is international, please list EACH country for which you are traveling. -i.e. Travel to Rome, Florence, and Venice would be listed as ITALY.

1. Type a destination name in this search box.
2. Then click the item in the list that matches your destination to add it to your list below.
Note: You can add up to 4 destinations. Just repeat step 1 and step 2.

If no items in the list match your destination, then you can type that destination here and +Add it to your list.

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DESIRED DATES OF TRAVEL: To reserve your desired dates, be certain to send in your applications and deposits as early as possible. Trip dates will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Trip price and dates are subject to change due to airline availability and unforeseen tax, fuel surcharge increases.

If you are only able to travel on a specific departure date, please enter that date for all three choices.

You must fill in all three date options: 

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Primary Method of Travel: Choose One.

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Preferred Departure Airport or Departure City:

Note: If you are only able to depart from one airport or city, please select the same location for both choices.  


Estimated Number of Travelers, including free Chaperones:

**Pricing is based on the number of travelers and a reduction in travelers may change the trip cost. 

Estimated Number of Travelers, including free Chaperones:


Adult Traveler Pricing Option: 
**Your travel destination requires the selection of ONE of the options below to ensure correct trip pricing for paying adult travelers on your tour. 

Select One Option Below:

 Option 1.  Adult Standard Pricing: All paying adult travelers on your tour will be automatically placed into a double occupancy hotel room and charged the upgrade amount directly up-front. Adult travelers do not have the option to decline this upgrade.

 Option 2.  Optional Double Occupancy Upgrade: All paying adult travelers on your tour will be given the OPTION TO UPGRADE to a double occupancy hotel room when applying for your trip. Adult travelers will have the option to both accept and decline this upgrade. If declined, the adult traveler will be required to stay in a hotel room based on the occupancy of which your trip was priced. On most tours, this will mean adults will be staying in a quad occupancy room.

 Option 3.  No Change Options Allowed: All adult travelers on your tour HAVE NO OPTION TO CHANGE THEIR HOTEL OCCUPANCY. Adult travelers will pay the standard tour price with no option to upgrade their hotel room through Joshua Expeditions. Paying adult travelers must be placed into hotel rooms based on the occupancy of which your trip was priced. On most tours, this will mean adults will be staying in a quad occupancy room.

**Important Adult Pricing Notice: If you change your above selection for Adult Traveler Pricing at any point in the future, you may receive a $500 fine to your group Leader account.



We can bill your organization or the individuals directly. For Individual Billing, all applications for your group MUST be received by the deposit due date. 

Please check your desired billing method below:

  Send statements directly to our School/Organization.
  Send statements directly to individual and I will check my JE online payment account to monitor traveler's payment progress.


Sign your application

By signing and submitting this application you are agreeing to our Payment and Trip Policies.
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